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Published Outcomes

Evidentiary studies show just how well the Lifeskills materials work. There have been numerous studies throughout the United States, in various court jurisdictions.
Below are two from Arizona and one from Texas, along with a research paper called APPA Research Paper : The Efficacy of Self-directed CBT Programming.

Wise Choice Alternatives

This report was conducted by ACCI’s affiliate in Arizona – Wise Choice Alternatives. This report covers 14 months of referrals from 40 plus justice courts in Arizona. The total number referrals in this report is 1,336. The report highlights a completion rate of 92% and a recidivism rate of 13%.


Arizona State Parole

This report covers 2 1/2 years (March 2009 – September 2011) of referrals from Arizona State Parole Officers to ACCI’s Home Study Program. During this period of time, ACCI received 2,859 referrals. 70% of parolees successfully completed their assinged cognitive life skills course and of those that did complete 10% returned to prison.


15 Texas County Community Supervision & Corrections Departments

In this report we combined 15 different referring counties for comparison and to obtain a larger sample size. This 26 page report provides combined and county specific results. The overall completion rate was 81.3% and the recidivism rate was 11.6%.


APPA Research Paper: The Efficacy of Self-directed CBT Programming

This research article was published by APPA (American Probation and Parole Association) in their perspectives journal. It introduces the term MCBT (Manualized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) as a new and viable delivery format. It makes important comparisons between the traditional group approach and the self-directed approach and provides several considerations that are important to consider when selecting an ideal and best-fit programming solution for a justice-involved population. 

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