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Bill Sutton Jr.

Wise Choice Alternatives, President

As an Arizona Judge for 20 years, and prior to that working as a school teacher for nine years, Bill Sutton came to realize how powerful the mind is and how beliefs can be constructive or destructive, depending on programming over the years.  That can be changed, and Lifeskills has the tools to help people change. If you can change the person for the better, you have changed the community for the better.


The criminal justice system works to an extent, but if we don't change thinking, we don't change the behavior. The program encourages students to look at their lives, look at their future, and realize what the future holds if they don't change their thinking and actions. We attempt to reprogram thinking, and therefore behavior, by something called cognitive change.  This helps the student to overcome faulty thinking and self-defeating behaviors. It's powerful, it's affordable, and it works.



Providing easily digestible and applicable weekly reminders of your purpose, path, and potential, Thoughts for the Weekend and Thoughts from the Mountaintop touch on relevant and relatable topics such as relationships, love, family, aging, hope, life lessons, affirmations, and praise.


Each book both offer straightforward, soul-centered readings you can conveniently apply to everyday life to guide you toward intentionally sculpting a joy-filled one.

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